Data engineering is a field of software engineering and is mainly concerned with two main processes: creating and storing data.

At the base of a data engineer’s job is the ability of making data easy to use and interpret within an organisation. In a nutshell, data engineering is designed to support data intensive decision processes, making it easier for consumers of data, such as data analysts, data scientists and business executives to reliably, swiftly and securely inspect all the available and relevant data.

We can help designing algorithms that automatically extract, transform and load data.

For instance, through sophisticated algorithms (web scraping) we can gather publicly available online data and organise this for your analysis. An application of this, would be to collect information relative to a specific product(s) across different platforms and build a database which gets progressively updated as more data becomes available.

Whether you need to automatize a set of data intensive tasks or optimize an existing code, we provide a wide range of services. Our team of experienced data engineers have successfully helped with code writing in R, Matlab, Julia, C++, Python, Java and SQL.

You can consult some of the projects we have been involved in the past here.

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