Previous projects

Below, you can find brief descriptions of some of the projects we have been involved in. For confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose the clients name or project details.

  • Data migration: In this project, our client had stored a vast amount of data on an SQL server. We helped the client in extracting and saving the relevant information into a CSV file format.
  • Data collection: In this task, a large corporation asked us to gather publicly available information about specific products characteristics from the web. With the help of web crawlers algorithms, we collected the relevant data and included the key findings in a report summary.
  • Big data screening and processing: In this project, we helped our client in manipulating an existing data-set listing millions of data points. The data was sorted and cleaned according to specific criteria, missing values were removed and outliers detected.
  • Statistical analysis: One of our projects, involved comparing the distribution of two samples and determining whether the two samples were drawn from the same population. With the help of several statistical tests we concluded that the samples did originate from the same parent distribution.
  • Machine learning applications: In this project we designed an un-supervised machine learning algorithm to detect patterns and clusters across several data-sets.
  • Survey design: Our client needed to design a questionnaire to gather a specific set of information from its client-base. We successfully designed a set of questions and helped the client in organising the responses so that an informed decision could be made.      

Here is a sample of presentation slides for a mock report Slides presentation

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