We can support rigorous academic research throughout all its phases, from the design of research proposals, data collection to the modelling of the actual data.

We can advise on which methodology would suit better your research goals as well as implement this for you. Our team of consultants hold research degrees and have accumulated considerable experience in academia and the private sector.

We can support statistical modelling in the following fields:

  • Economics,
  • Real Estate and Finance,
  • Healthcare,
  • Engineering,
  • Business and Marketing,
  • Climate change and environmental data

We can tailor the research design and execution according to your your needs. Whether you need an academic or more business focused approach, we cater a wide range of solutions.

We can also function as an outsourced research assistance unit. In fact, some of our clients regularly engage us to conduct statistical modelling on their behalf.

You can consult some of the projects we have been involved in the past here.

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