Recent advancements in wearing technology and portability have made it easier for coaches and management to collect and analyse performance data. Thus, it is not surprising that, an increasing amount of players and teams, across several sports/disciplines, have started to heavily rely on this technologies to gather useful insights into players’ performance. Some of the data collected at sports level include: physical performance, tactical and movements/workload metrics. Examples of performance data encompass: maximal speed, total distance covered, heart rate, accelerations, and deceleration. 

This data supports coaches and management to select the most appropriate:

  • intensity and workload rates when designing training sessions,  
  • injured players’ rehabilitation and prevention strategies,
  • players’ development plans

Data and applications of sports analytics include:

  • Geo-spatial tracking data (GPS),
  • Performance analysis,
  • Forecasting,
  • Machine learning

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Data capturing of key performance indicators through GPS tracking monitors (max speed, distance covered, jumping height etc ),
  • Analysis of key performance indicators using statistical tools (pattern recognition, predictions and descriptive statistics),
  • Periodic report writing and recommendations

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